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The American Dream Of Business Ownership

Entrepreneurs invest many years building successful businesses. Selling your business, or buying an existing one, is a life-changing event. It is the mission of Truforte to help goal-oriented individuals realize their dreams.

Our professionals have successfully handled hundreds of business sales throughout the USA for buyers and sellers. This provides valuable experience that better qualifies Truforte to help with the purchase or sale of your business entity.

Business brokers are intermediaries who facilitate the sale of privately held businesses by working with both buyers and sellers. Confidentiality is critical to the successful transfer of a business. If it becomes known that a business is for sale, several things start happening and none of them are beneficial for either the seller or buyer of the business. Professional intermediaries are keenly aware of this and are experts at maintaining confidentiality. 

Truforte's professionals have decades of experience, handling the sale of hundreds of businesses in a wide range of size and industries. For buyers, experienced Truforte professionals can help you narrow your search to the kinds of businesses that meet your search criteria, and locate business opportunities that have been kept confidential and unavailable to the general public.

Professional Guidance

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As a seller, Truforte can help you streamline everything from pricing your business to marketing it to buyers, allowing you to continue concentrating on day-to-day operations of your business. Acquiring or selling a business is one of the most important financial decisions of your lifetime!

Is it time to sell your business?  Contact us today... let us know how we can assist you!

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We specialize in all types of businesses!

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Our qualified buyers are interested in a variety of business types.

Currently, we have buyers specifically looking for:

** Supermarket or liquor store in Northeast USA

** Supermarket store chains anywhere in USA

** Convenience/gas retail Florida or Tennessee

** E-commerce businesses $400,000+ annual sales

** Specialty retail store chains, all sizes, anywhere in USA

 ** Hotel or motel with 80-300 rooms and swimming pool

** 50,000+ sq. ft. vacant big box buildings


If you know of businesses available for our motivated buyers CONTACT US TODAY:


Computer Store Chain
Computer Stores Ohio Regional Chain
Orleans Trail Resort
Stockton Lake's Complete Resort & Marina
Hearing Aid Practice With Five Locations
Popular Bar In Southeast Kansas

Truforte Business Group

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